Clean-Pour® Dispensing Heads

The Clean-Pour Dispensing Head provides the highest level of contamination-free, wine preservation and dispensing available in the world. Available in packs of 4 in our standard size (red) or in assorted quantities and sizes.


Clean-Pour® Replacement Gaskets

The inner gasket of the Clean-Pour Dispensing head provides an interchangeable seal for all bottle sizes: wide (green), standard (red) and narrow (white). Available in assorted packs of 20 or custom quantities.


Pick-Up Tubes

The WineStation pick-up tubes deliver the wine directly from the bottle into the glass with no contamination or need for purging or flushing. The NSF, BPA -free pick up tube delivers every drop of wine precisely into the glass. Available in packs of 20 or in custom quantities.


AccuServe® Smartcards

The AccuServe® smartcards can be programmed (and reprogrammed) in varied formats to suit the changing needs of your operation.  They can be customized to include your logo and design, as well as serial barcodes, frosted finish, and other options.


 Silicon Spray

The NSF approved food grade silicone spray provides effective lubrication and optimal functionality of the Clean-Pour Dispensing Head. Available individually or in packs of 6.


Bottle Measuring Tool

The bottle measuring tool provides you with an easy to use guide to selecting the properly sized Clean-Pour Dispensing Head. Available individually.


Outer Drip Tray

Made from premium polished stainless steel, the outer drip tray sits on top of the counter and is easily removed for draining and cleaning.


Wine Sales Printer

The AccuServe Wine Sales Printer allows you to provide customers or staff with an easy to read, individual user wine consumption summary. Custom messaging and logos can be applied to any receipt. Dimensions: 5.5” W x 8.03” D x 5.19” H.



Universal Access Module

The WineStation provides the ability to meet ADA compliance codes with our Universal Access module providing lap level accessibility. The ADA Universal Module upgrade is not an aftermarket add on and can only be applied to your initial WineStation purchase. Dimensions: 19.7” W x 3” D x 5.72” H


High Volume Hybrid Upgrade

This feature upgrade allows any WineStation model to offer the flexibility of supporting keg dispensing while maintaining the pouring and tracking controls required for profitability. The High Volume Hybrid is not an aftermarket add on and can only be applied to your initial WineStation purchase.


DuoClimate Upgrade

Our new DuoClimate feature allows you to chill two whites to perfection and offer two reds at ideal serving temperatures by creating a 12-15° differential between the two zones. The DuoClimate upgrade is not an aftermarket add on and can only be applied to your initial WineStation purchase.


51 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

The Dual Zone Wine Cooler is the perfect addition to your WineStation. Featuring two climate zones, an anti-humidifier and frost protection, this premium product provides the perfect storage and refrigeration for your backup inventory, including bottles with Clean-Pour Dispensing Heads attached. Dimensions: 23.4’’ W x 22.6’’ D x 32.2’’ H. Weight: 108 lbs.